My Action Research Project"Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action." Peter DruckerApril 2010
Holidays... I love holidays!! It is a break from the usual. So after some time off I decided to read up about Action Research and plan my project. I believe that if my project is well-planned and I am organised I will be confident to execute my plan and complete it. It will also make my task easier in the term as I am a classroom teacher and there is always so much to do in a school term. I have made a 'rough' plan, one that will have changes in the course of the year.


Reading and thinking
I started by reading 'Action Research A Developmental Approach' by Carol Cardno. This book gave me my first clear insight into what action research really means. It starts with a question about an issue or challenge. Teachers reflect on their practice and take action to change it. This book is a guide for anybody interested in undertaking research. It outlines the process from planning to reporting in simple terms and also has examples of actual projects.
Taking up the project may seem a bit daunting at first but when you understand it you realise that it is about improving your practice.

I have also looked up the internet to know more about this kind of research. The easiest one to follow was on the British Council website which I am going to use to guide me through the research.

Other useful links:

Focus: Improving Reading by engaging learners

Question: How can I use technology to improve children's Reading skills?

Purpose: To improve student achievement in Reading by using ICT tools.

Class Level: Year 1

Number of Children: 14


What does engagement look like?


This inspired me... hope it does the same for you!!!!!!!!!!!